An aircraft is a major capital investment. As such, it must be carefully evaluated and appraised prior to its purchase, sale, leasing and at the end of a lease.

Excessive or insufficient insurance can be avoided with an up-to-date evaluation of the aircraft's insurable value.

An evaluation of the current or residual value after damages and accidents provides information about the replacement value and the residual value of an aircraft and its reusable parts and components.

An appraisal of an aircraft might be requested for tax purposes by the tax office or due to personal drawings, or in the case of a company take-over and merger.

An appraisal is also crucial for banks to determine the mortgage lending value of the aircraft.

I deliver appraisals and evaluations according to internationally recognized standards - ranging from "desktop appraisals", the theoretical determination of an aircraft's value, to "comprehensive appraisals" including in-depth inspection of the aircraft and its logbooks. This includes the use of accepted databases, references and statistics.